Unique Services Which Flower Shops Include In Their Flower Delivery Service

There are millions of flower shops all over the world. Most of these flower shops are now providing flower delivery services. Flower delivery service is far more convenient and cost-efficient for a lot of customers. Therefore, this marketing strategy will attract a lot of customers buying flowers. However, since most flower shops are offering flower delivery services, those flower shops which operate in the same community will have to find more ways to outdo the competition. One of the methods used today is to include unique services in the flower delivery services. Here are the unique services which flower shops include in their flower delivery service.

1. Greeting cards - This service is one of the popular services used by a lot of flower shops which is included in the flower delivery service. Instead of just the name of the recipient, the flowers also include a greeting card which customers can write different kinds of messages they want to convey to the receiver. It could be for birthdays, anniversaries or those who are courting a potential partner.

2. Singing - This unique service is very popular during Valentines. Flowers Glendale shops would include a singer or have their delivery personnel to sing a love song to the recipient depending on the request of the customer. It adds more flare to the colorful gift of the seasons of love. A lost of customers are attracted to this kind of unique service.

3. Late free of charge - This guarantee service is all about putting the name of the shop at stake. The flower shop is confident with the flower delivery service from Glendale florist to arrive at the location of the recipient on time. There are a lot of people who also like this service as they can guarantee that the flowers will be delivered on time or they get their money back.

4. Fresh flowers or free of charge - For all customers, the freshness of the flowers matters. They will hate it if the flowers are no longer fresh once they receive them. Flowers which are no longer fresh do not have the impact that fresh flowers can provide. Flower shops would use this service to attract customers and serves as a guarantee to their loyal customers.

5. Poem - There are flower shops which provide free poems instead of a greeting card for their customers. The customers can choose the theme of the occasion which reflects to the poem. This adds extra flavor and sincerity to the flowers.

6. Flower meals - This is a very unique service. It would be rare to find one in a city. All flowers in the bouquet are edible and create not just a beautiful arrangement but a gourmet. This type of service is far expensive than the regular flower shop services.

7. Customized services - A lot of customers would often ask the flower shop to follow their idea. One example is an engagement bouquet which includes a ring within the flower arrangement. Another is filling up the room with beautiful flowers which the customers will surprise their partner during an anniversary or a proposal.

There are still a lot of unique services being used by flower shops all over the world and you might find one in your area.